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Mission Statement

ICSU Mission Statement

The Integrated Combat Systems University (ICSU) is an educational institution founded upon traditional marts values. Our primary purpose is the continual research, development, preservation, and dissemination of the martial arts. We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of our students by providing quality martial arts programs that stress correct application of technique and the noble traditions of the martial arts. At ICSU we are committed to educating, elevating, and empowering our students by providing an environment where there is open access to information, mutual respect for the individual, and freedom to pursue personal excellence in the martial arts. As an institution we strive to provide support and inspiration to our students as they become competent martial artists and instructors. These values underline our three institutional responsibilities.



As an instructional institution, ICSU strives to provide students with a foundational understanding in a wide range of martial arts disciplines followed by the opportunity for further in-depth study of particular martial arts disciplines. Learning is facilitated through classes, seminars, and online courses taught by highly trained instructors who challenge students to achieve their full potential both physically and mentally.


Research and Development

The heart of ICSU is driven by the dynamic forces of creativity and innovation. It is our belief that all martial arts disciplines have worth and therefore have something of value to offer to the development of the martial arts. By encouraging the study of martial arts across disciplinary boundaries we hope to advance the knowledge and training methods of our students and the greater martial arts community.



Fundamental to our core beliefs is that we can make a positive difference in the world thought correct martial arts training and education. We seek to serve society through the perpetuation of the marital arts and their values as we endeavor to educate successive generations of martial arts instructors and practitioners. 

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