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What is ICSU?

The Integrated Combat Systems University (ICSU) is an educational institution founded upon traditional martial arts values. At ICSU we apply the academic model to martial arts instruction and training. Our primary purpose is the research, development, dissemination, and preservation of the martial arts. The function of ICSU as an educational institution is to provide our students with martial arts training that is both effective and applicable to modern society. Each of our courses has been specifically crafted to provide a comprehensive, informative and highly challenging training experience. Students will find in each course in-depth instruction into ideology, principles, strategy, tactics, and training methods. All of our courses are designed by the ICSU Curriculum Development Committee, a team of master level instructors dedicated to providing programs that exceed the expectations of our students. At ICSU, we pride ourselves on providing an extraordinary training experience that is unparallel.


It is important to know that ICSU is not a martial arts franchise or association, but a real martial arts university. At ICSU there are no hidden costs, membership dues, or franchise fees. Graduates from ICSU courses maintain their independence and are free to teach, market, and train as they choose. While it is ICSU policy not to endorse or discredit any other martial arts organization or instructor; we do encourage our students and graduates to continue their martial arts education by seeking out qualified instructors and training outside of ICSU.  


ICSU is a martial arts university where students come to learn and expand their martial arts skills set. Upon successful completion of our courses we encourage our students to use their newly acquired knowledge as they see appropriate in order to pursue their goals for success.  


What Makes ICSU Programs Different?

What makes ICSU unique is our academic approach to studying and instructing martial arts. This revolutionary approach offers a comprehensive method that has been proven to provide more information in less amount of time without compromising the quality of the training experience. Participants in our courses receive a university level education in the martial arts that far exceeds the training and information offered by other organizations.


ICSU courses are very convenient. We offer a variety of 4-day and 3-day certification courses that are fast-paced, high-intensity, and extremely challenging. Each course provides detailed instruction in history, philosophy, training methods, fighting strategies and tactics and covers the same amount of information you would learn at a normal martial arts dojo attending 3 classes a week for 2 years. We are able to accomplish this because of our specially crafted curriculums and our unique academic instructional methods. For the individual wanting to expand their knowledge and skills set by studying a martial art, but  finds it difficult due to limited time and a busy schedule, ICSU course are the perfect solution.


Because of our academic approach to the instruction of the martial arts, our courses are able to efficiently accommodate students of all skill levels. No matter if you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, ICSU courses will challenge you to grow and expand your skill set in new ways. At ICSU we take pride in our ability to help students improve, reaching higher levels of expertise. ICSU is for everyone with a desire to learn martial arts, no matter your skill level or amount of time training in the martial arts,


Why Study at ICSU?

First, the intellectual breadth and depth of the martial arts knowledge at ICSU is unequaled anywhere. Our university style environment encourages the free exchange of ideas, techniques, and training secrets between our experienced instructors. This collaboration allows our students and instructors to receive immediate answers to their questions from a number of different and experienced sources. Also they enjoy immediate feedback regarding proper execution and form from our team of highly qualified instructors. Because ICSU offers such a wide range of martial arts disciplines to choose from, students and instructors enjoy the freedom to discover their own path.


Second, our single-minded focus to provide a training experience that exceeds the expectations of our students has lead to the creation our unique method of instruction which utilizes the most recent breakthroughs and technologies in effective communication and instructional methodology. Because of our modern approach to martial arts training and instruction students achieve results at a much faster rate with the ICSU method than with traditional forms of martial arts instruction.


Third, those who attend ICSU seminars are serious minded martial artists dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Students at ICSU enjoy a learning environment where they are surrounded by like-minded individuals dedicated to improving their skills and the acquisition of knowledge. At ICSU students and instructors are encouraged to network and take advantage of each other’s knowledge and experience. At ICSU students do not just meet new people; they establish lifelong friendships that have a positive life-changing effect.


Fourth, ICSU provides a deeply interdisciplinary approach to the study of martial arts. We encourage students to study many different martial arts disciplines in order to reach their potential as martial artists. For this reason ICSU provides a number of courses in a variety of martial arts disciplines so that students can learn how to integrate different approaches; thus, providing a learning experience that surpass the traditional approach used at other schools.


Fifth, ICSU cultivates an environment of innovation, exploration, and growth. The ultimate goal of ICSU is to redefine martial arts training and instruction by providing instructors with the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful. While other martial arts organizations seek to enforce a culture of imitation, isolation, and strive to limit the growth of their students and instructors; ICSU is committed to providing an environment where innovation, creativity, and independence are celebrated. At ICSU we understand that each person is unique with their own unique set of goals, preferences, and abilities. Our only focus is to educate, elevate, and empower our students by providing the resources they will need as they pursue their own martial arts path to success. 

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