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We welcome you to the official website for the Integrated Combat Systems University (ICSU). We would like to personally invite you to embark on a unique martial arts learning adventure that will expand your skill set, deepen your understanding and hopefully spark new epiphanies in your own martial arts practice. At ICSU we believe in making a positive difference in people’s lives by promoting traditional martial arts values and providing high quality training programs for both, instructors and students of all skill levels.


All of our courses are thoughtfully designed by a team of expert instructors who collaborate together in order to produce martial arts programs that are comprehensive, informative and highly challenging. High intensity and fast paced, each course is crafted to provide in-depth instruction into ideology, principles, strategy, tactics, and training practices. At ICSU, our goal is to provide you with an extraordinary training experience that exceeds all your expectations.


We invite you to explore our website and see what ICSU has to offer you. No matter if you are an experienced instructor, or a beginning student just starting to study the martial arts, we are sure you will find something of value here at ICSU. Please feel free to contact us via email at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Valhalla Seminar

The Gathering of the Stick & Knife Fighters

If you enjoy training in the Filipino Martial Arts or if you have ever had a desire to learn stick and knife fighting than you will not want to miss this event. This seminar will feature in-depth instruction regarding figint with single and double sticks, knife, and empty hand fighting, from three different instructors:


Grand Master Felix Roiles is a two-time World Full Contact Stick Fighting Champion and is the recipient of numerous awards in various other martial art disciplines. Since childhood, he has spent his life in martial arts and is a descendant of Datu Lapu-lapu. He desires to teach the ancient Cebuano fighting style that he learned from his humble grandfather, Andres Roiles who raised him in the remote mountain area of Catmon, Cebu, Philippines. It was there that Grand Master Felix was trained by his grandfather in the fighting style called: Pakamut. In his teenage life he competed in Karate, boxing and kickboxing. He started his own group in 1983 called Pakamut, in honor of his grandfather.


GM Felix has been featured in several news articles and papers including May 2008 issue of Inside Kung foo Magazine, International Marshall Bartz Magazine, FMA Digest Special Edition (an online magazine), and many more publications.

“My hope is to impart the knowledge I have to people seeking the way of the life of the real warrior.” – GM Felix Roiles

ICSU Martial Arts Courses

Israeli Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli military (IDF). It is extremely effective and easy to learn. Developed in the hostile environment of the middle-east, Krav Maga has been combat tested and battle proven. For this reason it has been adopted by elite military units and law enforcement agencies around the world. To learn more about our Krav Maga seminars and instructor certification program, please click the image above. 

Mauy Thai

Muay Thai is the national combat sport of Thailand. Developed over centuries, Muay Thai has earned its reputation as one of the most effective martial arts in the world. Also known as the “Science of the Eight Limbs” or “The Eight Venoms” Muay Thai teaches a person how to strike with their fists, elbows, knees and feet with devastating power. To learn more about our Muay Thai seminars and instructor certification program, please click the image above.

Eskrima / Kali

The Filipino Martial Arts, also known as Eskrima and/or Kali, are known throughout the world for their effective stick and knife fighting techniques. As a result, many of the Filipino stick and knife fighting tactics have been integrated into the combat curriculums of elite military units, law enforcement, and other marital art styles around the world. To learn more about our Eskrima/Kali seminars and instructor certification program, please click the image above.

San Soo Kung Fu

San Soo Kung Fu is an ancient form of Chinese martial art that incorporates a wide range of techniques including, striking, kicking, join-locks, throws, chokes, pressure point strikes, and grappling. The training also includes instruction in a number of traditional Chinese weapons. The system is based upon the principles of physics as applied to the weaknesses of the human anatomy. To learn more about our San Soo Kung Fu seminars and instructor certification program, please click the image above.

Women's Self Defense

Violence against women is a serious problem in today’s society. At ICSU we offer specialized seminars and online courses in Women’s Defense Tactics. Our programs are uniquely designed to provide valuable information and real life solutions for preventing sexual assault. Our women’s self defense and personal protection programs are unlike any other being offered. To learn more about our Women’s Defensive Tactics seminars and instructor certification program, please click the image above. 

Tactical Knife Fighting

Tactical Knife Fighting is a specialized course developed by the instructors of ICSU to incorporate only the best knife fighting tactics and strategies from a number of weapons systems into one comprehensive course.  This course goes beyond just teaching  a collection of techniques and shows you how to develop an effective skill set through proper training drills. To learn more about our Tactical Knife Fighting seminars and Instructor program, please click the image above. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has become famous worldwide as an effective ground fighting system. It is both a sport and a system of self defense that teaches a weaker person how to successfully prevail over a larger and stronger attacker by using proper technique, the principles of leverage, and of course, taking the fighting to the ground. BJJ is also an effective way to stay in shape and it is fun. To learn more about our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars please click the image above.

Mix Martial Arts

Mixed Mart Arts (MMA) has become the dominant fighting sport throughout the world. As a result there has been an explosion of MMA gyms and martial arts schools offering MMA classes with little or no actual knowledge of the sport. Our seminars are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to MMA training and instruction. Our instructors are experienced MMA fighters and coaches who will teach you about proper nutrition, training, and conditioning, as well as effective fight strategies and tactics. To learn more about our MMA seminars please click the image above.

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